New release, with support for German, Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese installations


FastCall & Adooxen release a new version of its Salesforce Click-to-Call application

It’s a 100% SFDC native, 100% SFDC integrated, browser based solution. Among its new features, you’ll find:

  • Call recording - Stored as MP3 files outside Salesforce, and linked from the Task record
  • Notes - Easily take notes while on call
  • Full Lead, Contact & Account call scoring
  • Caller Id per User (vs org wide)
  • Country code settings - Support for installations outside of the US & Canada
  • Only Log Call option - Doesn’t call, but ease call logging
  • From and To numbers stored on Task record
  • Key-pad feature when using soft-phone
  • Support for non-English Task statuses
  • Many bug fixes

Know more about this app on the AppExchange


Add a Field to the Opportunity Lines Layout


This was nasty, Salesforce should have put this option on the setup menu under layouts, so it could be a little bit more accessible!


you need to go to Setup->Opportunity Products->Layouts

There, you need to select “Edit Multi-Line Layout” option hidden on the layout tool panel:



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Salesforce Meetup Uruguay. Montevideo 25 April 2013.

Awesome conference from Aldo Fernandez and Bruno Fagundez on how to enable REST services for Customer Portal from Mobile. 

Can’t wait for next meeting!

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This one I found it on a Community forum on Salesforce and I have to add it here cause it’s really an amazing hack.

If we want to set default values to the Standard fields of a let’s say Opportunity (it works with other objects so I DARE you to check it out with other objects!) and still use the…


Workflow Rule Without Rule Criteria

There’s always an scenario when we want to create a Workflow Rule that would always be triggered. Without exceptions. 

In that case we need to change the rule criteria to “Formula evaluates to True” and then simple write ‘TRUE’ as the formula outcome.


Sounds easy right? Cause it is.

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Salesforce Mobile Developer Week

The UYSDUG is having its meeting on April 25. More info here.


Get the Salesforce Instance URL

We want to know which is our instance URL:


Aaand that’s it :)


Escaping VisualForce Ids for using with JQuery

When using a VF component and setting an Id, you can later grab the resulting Id using the {!$Component.componentId} notation.

For example, for the following panel

<apex:form id=”myForm”>
    <apex:outputPanel id=”myPanel”/>

you can use


to obtain the dynamically generated Id of the resulting HTML element. Now, these Ids are a cryptic string that have the Id of the container elements concatenated by ‘:’

When you try to use these Ids to reference’em via JQuery, it won’t work because of the ‘:’

You can use the following function to “sanitize” the VF Ids in order to use them with JQuery

function VF2JQuery(id) {
    return ‘#’ + id.replace(/(:|\.)/g,’\\$1’);

and then fetch the elements like this


Of course, you can also use style classes for those VF components that support it, and reference’em using the . selector


Export Salesforce Report using Apex code

This is an easy one: 

ApexPages.PageReference report = null;
report = new ApexPages.PageReference('/<REPORT-ID>?excel=printable+view');
Attachment attachment = new Attachment();

And that’s it. You have your excel file with the report as an attachment.